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Company Profile

Introduction :
We take pleasure to introduce our company DENTAL AVENUE I PVT. LTD, A company based at MUMBAI India. We have branch offices at Delhi and Hyderabad. We started in 2003 and today we Market products of 7-8 leading global companies in India On an exclusive basis.
Our Mission :
Our mission is to market products of high quality from Global leaders and make them available promptly at reasonable prices to the Dental practitioner.
Marketing :
Direct Personal Promotions :
We have our own Sales Marketing team of 32 experienced Persons based at all major cities of India who cover all the major cities and meet Dental Practitioners and Dental Institutions at regular intervals to promote the products. The marketing staff is supported by 55 dealers with their own sales persons ( average 4-5 Sales persons ) situated in all states and major district places. With these team we are covering an average of at least about 30000-35000 doctors in a month.
Indirect Promotions :
Besides personal promotions, we market indirectly by advertising the focused products in leading Journals. We are always present in All National and state conferences.
Training Programs :
Independently or with local IDA branches for Continuous Education Programs. In these a leading specialists in related field gives lectures on the selected Topics and shares his knowledge and experiences on the topic with the audience of Dental Practitioners. This is followed by Hands On where the participants use our products on models/extracted teeth under the guidance In addition we conduct on an average of 2 lectures and Hands On courses per month of the specialist and get first hand experience of using our products and than swith to our products.
Our Achievements :
In a Short span of our existence Dental Avenue has been recognized as a progressive company marketing excellent quality product at reasonable prices by the Dental Industry and provide prompt service. We market products from companies from Australia, Germany, Brazil, U.S.A., Korea, and Italy.