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SS White


Dia Dent






















Smart Burs

Cutting Edge Diamond Designed for Zirconia Crowns & Copings Conservative Decay Removal Instruments

Oral Surgery Burs

carbide Burs

Flat End Taper Crosscut Fissure for Straight Handpiece High Quality Tungsten Carbide burs, available in friction grip, Right Angle and Straight Handpiece Shanks,Also Available in Right angle and Frictiion Grip Surgical & Endodontic length burs.

Great White Carbide Burs

The Jazz Polishers

Great White Gold Series, Great White Ultra Burs, Fissurotomy Burs, Trimming & Finishing Burs 12 & 30 blade, Safe End Series burs 10& 20 blade, Endo Safe end burs and the Express Line Lab Metal Finishing burs.
Diamond Impregnated Polishing system for use with composites, Metal and ceramic Available as 1 step, 2step and 3step system.

Standard Operatory Carbides Surgical/Endodontic Length Burs Great White Gold Series
Great White Ultra The Fissurotomy Bur Safe End Series